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The future is a lonely place......

This was my graduating film from 1998 VCA School of Film & Television. It was a crazy shoot, we shot on 35mm but hadn’t touched a 35mm camera until the first day of the shoot! There a couple of seriously dodgy 3d shots in there that I did. In my defence, they are a product of my computer dying the week before I was finishing and I didn’t have the money to fix it. Plus as a 3d operator I make a great director.

The film won the John Harrison script award at VCA which was nice. And Marcus Dineen got into the Kodak Cinematography Master Class in Budapest! I wasn’t really up with the whole short film game of sending it off to as many festivals as I could think of so it had a fairly limited showing, but it was quite well received at the festivals it did show at.

To redress that, please watch it.IIf you have any comments, drop me a line at

It is © Victorian College of the Arts School of Film and Television 1998

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